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The Elearning Course That Helps You Identify Mental Health Problems Before They Escalate.

Around 1 in 5 people, and that includes employees and your work colleagues, suffer from mental health problems. You can’t change that statistics, but you can ensure it doesn’t impact productivity and profitability.

The key is to get to it early. By learning how to recognise the early warning signs and to respond to them appropriately, you can make sure problems don’t fly under the radar, your employees get the support they need, and your workplace culture and productivity don’t suffer unnecessarily.

This workplace mental health course teaches everyone, including your staff just that. This online course is high level course developed by workplace and mental health experts. Here, people learn how to identify potential mental health problems, whether at work or home, and how to respond without causing friction or making matters worse. Importantly, the course focuses on the problems most likely to arise in the workplace (anxiety, depression, and psychosis), and the way they’re most likely to manifest themselves.

Organisations like MSS Security, Defence Health and Tradies, use our online courses as part of their standard induction procedures to make sure that all employees are on the same page, they have ticked the box from a compliance standard, and that they are also communicating to their employees from Day One, that this organisation has a commitment to a mentally healthy working culture.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction
What is a mental health problem? Details Unlimited
IMHW-Module 1 Quiz Unlimited
Module 2: Perspectives on Mental Health
Different perspectives on mental health Details Unlimited
IMHW-Module 2 Quiz Unlimited
Module 3: How common are Mental Health Problems
How common are mental health problems? Details 00:00:00
IMHW-Module 3 Quiz Unlimited
Module 4: Identifying Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety
Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety Details 00:00:00
IMHW-Module 4 Quiz Unlimited
Module 5: Identifying Signs & Symptoms of Depression
Signs & Symptoms of Depression Details 00:00:00
IMHW-Module 5 Quiz Unlimited
Module 6: Identifying Signs & Symptoms of Psychosis
Signs & Symptoms of Psychosis Details 00:00:00
IMHW-Module 6 Quiz Unlimited
Module 7: How to Respond
How do I respond if I am concerned? Details 00:00:00
IMHW-Module 7 Quiz Unlimited
Module 8: Places to go for help
Where do I go for help? Details 00:00:00
IMHW-Module 8 Quiz Unlimited
Conclusion Details 00:00:00