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Advanced Mental Health Training for Leaders and Managers to be able to learn and identify, manage and protect the mental health and wellbeing of their employees.

Synopsis: Mental Health Conversations for Managers is an advanced online course designed to help Leaders, Managers and Supervisors gain an understanding of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, how to identify and respond if a team member is not coping, and how to handle the more complex scenarios managers face in their role, such as how to handle performance management of a hybrid and neurodiverse workforce in the context of mental ill health, flexible arrangements, privacy and safety issues. It also teaches managers how to enhance the resilience of their teams and prevent mental health issues from developing or escalating.

Description: To face the coming challenges in the workplace and the world at large, employees must respond to the challenges presented with a stable, grounded, and clear presence of mind.

It is essential for the sustainability and future of the business, and equally for the health and wellbeing of each employee, that organizations align the very best mental health knowledge and most powerful and positive paradigms so that staff can proactively deal with whatever occurs in the coming weeks and months.

That’s why it’s so important that managers gain an understanding of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, know how to support the resilience of their teams, and know how to respond if a team member is not coping. The Mental Health Conversations equips managers to do just that.

Learning Outcomes:

In this online course managers will learn:

  • How to Identify signs and symptoms of stress and mental health vulnerability
  • How to conduct a conversation with clear boundaries, acknowledging managers are not counselors
  • How and where to access resources and connect people with appropriate support services
  • Practical strategies, tools, and techniques to improve resilience
  • How to undertake reasonable adjustments to work schedules and practices, including our eventual return to work

“Hugely impressive. The session was an excellent practical session on these important conversations.” – Jenny, Prime Minister & Cabinet

Self-Paced Online Course: These self-paced online courses, allow participants to access the course at a time suitable to them. Video modules of approximately 10 minutes each can be completed in one sitting or one at a time as desired. Participants complete short assessment quizzes at various points throughout the course, to test their knowledge and understanding.

If this course is intended to train a large number of managers and supervisors in your organization, then key individuals at your organization can be allocated ´Manager´ status to track the progress of each participant through the program.

A certificate of completion is provided upon successful completion of the course.

“The videos were concise and engaging and the tests at the end of each module were specific enough that you had to have watched the video to get a good score.” – Katie, UNSW

Who is this course for:

  • People in leadership positions in all workplaces that carry the legal and financial risk of the company.
  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders responsible for protecting the health and wellbeing of their teams.
  • Managers and supervisors facing the challenges of an agile and hybrid workforce.

Note for large organizations: Group discounts apply. This online course can also be provided to you in SCORM files to upload to your Learning Management System. Please contact us for a quote.

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Workplace Mental Health 00:00:00
2. What is Mental Ill Health? 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 2 Unlimited
3. Diverse Perspectives on Mental Health 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 3 Unlimited
4. How Common are Mental Health Issues? 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 4 Unlimited
5. Understanding Anxiety 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 5 Unlimited
6. Understanding Depression 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 6 Unlimited
7. Understanding Psychosis 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 7 Unlimited
8. Understanding Substance Use Disorders 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 8 Unlimited
9. What if I am Concerned for a Staff Member´s Wellbeing 00:00:00
10. PIECES Model for Responding to Mental Ill Health as a Manager 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 9-10 Unlimited
11. Seeking Further Support 00:00:00
12. What If They Don´t Want Help? 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 11-12 Unlimited
13. Responding to Someone Who Discloses Mental Ill-Health 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 13 Unlimited
14. Managing Performance and Mental Health 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 14 Unlimited
15. Considerations for Privacy and Mental Health 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 15 Unlimited
16. Appropriate Flexible Arrangements 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 16 Unlimited
17. Role Modelling Resilience 00:00:00
MHCM Quiz 17 Unlimited
18. Conclusion 00:00:00