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Drawing upon the latest scientific research within the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, and transactional analysis, this Mind@Work (The Resilience Course) elearning course is designed to help you develop a range of personal resilience strategies, well beyond your average self care activities.

These self reflective activities, based on mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and coaching methodologies will support you to build emotional resilience and stamina to handle the stresses and challenges of a high pressure environment.

Organisations like MSS Security, Defence Health and Tradies, use our online courses as part of their standard induction procedures to make sure that all employees are on the same page, they have ticked the box from a compliance standard, and that they are also communicating to their employees from Day One, that this organisation has a commitment to a mentally healthy working culture

Course Curriculum

Module 1. Introduction
Introduction to Mind@Work Details Unlimited
Introduction to Mind@Work
Module 2: Resilience & Self Care
Resilience and Self Care Details Unlimited
Resilience and Self Care
MAW-Module 2 Quiz Unlimited
Module 3: Morning Rituals
Morning Rituals 1 – Rubbish Bin Details Unlimited
Morning Rituals 1 - Rubbish Bin
Morning Rituals 2 – Gratitude Details Unlimited
Morning Rituals 2 - Gratitude
Morning Rituals 3 – I Am Details Unlimited
Morning Rituals 3 - I Am
Morning Rituals 4 – Top 3 Details Unlimited
Morning Rituals 4 - Top 3
MAW-Module 3 Quiz Unlimited
Module 4: Stress Spiral
Avoiding the Stress Spiral Details Unlimited
Avoiding the Stress Spiral
MAW-Module 4 Quiz Unlimited
Module 5: Mindfulness
Mindfulness Details Unlimited
MAW-Module 5 Quiz Unlimited
Module 6. Meaning Making & Mastery Loops
Meaning Making & Mastery Loops Details Unlimited
Meaning Making & Mastery Loops
MAW-Module 6 Quiz Unlimited
BONUS Module: Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence Details Unlimited
Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment Details Unlimited
Reading List Details Unlimited
Conclusion Details 00:00:00