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How To Protect Your Team By Stopping Bullies In The Workplace

Bullying in the workplace disrupts business as usual. It is insidious. It makes for unpleasant working environments and the escalation of mental health issues. Bullying in the workplace is also costly since it taxes valuable organizational resources, and leaves employers at risk of stressful and expensive legal claims.

Handling Bullying in the workplace is imperative if your workplace is going to remain psychologically safe. That’s why the Workplace Mental Health Institute has partnered with subject matter experts, to provide you and your teams with the best online training to manage Bullying in the workplace.

This online training helps workplaces meet their legal obligations in protecting the wellbeing of all staff, and ensuring their legal obligations are met, by upskilling staff in:

  • What bullying really is, and what it is not, including how the courts define and identify Bullying
  • How certain problem behaviours quickly escalate into Bullying and how to eradicate them fast
  • Identifying the ramifications and potential effects of Bullying
  • How to legally prevent and protect your team from Bullying
  • Differentiating between healthy conflict and Bullying
  • What team members can do to protect themselves and others
  • How to create a safe culture where employees and productivity thrive

This course is video-based, with a series of quizzes to ensure learner understanding, and takes approximately 90-120 minutes to complete.

Disclaimer: This course does not contain legal advice. Though the content is relevant to all workplaces, the course was created for Australian workplaces, and references Australian legislation.

Please note, we recommend the study of this online course be complemented with our popular Resilience online training ‘Creating Personal Resilience‘.

Who Is This Course For:

  • People in leadership positions that carry the legal and financial risk of bullying
  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders responsible for protecting the health of their teams
  • Staff at risk of bullying either as victims or perpetrators
  • Anyone wanting a better understanding of bullying behaviors and how to avoid them at work.

Note for large organisations: Group discounts apply. This online course can also be provided to you in SCORM files, to be uploaded to your Learning Management System. Please contact us for a quote.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Workplace Bullying
Introduction to Workplace Bullying 00:00:00
Anti-Bullying Unit 1 Quiz Unlimited
Module 2: Identifying Bullying
Identifying Bullying 00:00:00
Anti-Bullying Quiz 2 Unlimited
Module 3: Early Intervention
Early Intervention 00:00:00
Anti-Bullying Quiz 3 Unlimited
Module 4: Effects of Bullying
Effects of Bullying 00:00:00
Anti-Bullying Quiz 4 Unlimited
Module 5: Preventing Bullying
Preventing Bullying 00:00:00
Anti-Bullying Quiz 5 Unlimited
Module 6: More Tools to Prevent Bullying & Harassment
More Tools to Prevent Bullying & Harassment 00:00:00
Anti-Bullying Quiz 6 Unlimited
Module 7: The Role of Conflict
The Role of Conflict 00:00:00
Anti-Bullying Quiz 7 Unlimited
Module 8: Managing Bullying Effectively
Managing Bullying Effectively 00:00:00
Anti-Bullying Quiz 8 Unlimited
Module 9: Resilient Workers, Effective Leaders
Resilient Workers, Effective Leaders 00:00:00
Anti-Bullying Quiz 9 Unlimited
Module 10: Summary and Conclusion
End of the Anti-Bullying Course 00:00:00
Thank You 00:00:00