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Mental Health Awareness


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Around 1 in 5 people suffer from mental health problems in a twelve-month period. That applies to everyone in your workplace – your staff, your colleagues, your boss, your customers, and yes, even you. The research shows that there’s both a human cost and a business cost as result of this. This often results in troubled relationships, both at work and at home, increased sick leave, anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction, and reduced productivity. You can’t change those facts, but you can ensure that you and your colleagues are equipped to identify and respond appropriately, to minimise the impact on the individual, the team and the business.

The key is to get to it early. A poor or delayed response to a mental health risk is detrimental. On the other hand, the research shows that when we act quickly and appropriately, we get better results. In short, by learning how to recognize the early warning signs and to respond to them appropriately, you can avoid more serious problems altogether.

Designed by the Psychology Faculty of the Workplace Mental Health Institute, this workplace Mental Health Awareness course teaches just that. It shows you how to recognize the signs that someone may be becoming unwell, and how to respond in such a way that encourages the person to seek help before it gets worse.